What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is computing on a server that is being maintained by someone else. It is basically delivering computing services on demand from applications to storage and processing power. In the space of technology, sometimes we need computing power or storage for our data or code to exist and run. So rather than owning an expensive computer or storage, we can use cloud computing as rent on the internet to perform tasks that our computer can’t process.

Benefit’s of Cloud Computing

  • Easily Accessible
  • No complexity of owning and maintaining a server

Cloud Computing Services

There are…

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a conversational agent that interacts with users using natural language. It is also often described as an expression of the interaction between humans and machines. In the backend, it is identifying the user’s request and returning the response.


First Chatbot was developed in 1966 at MIT called ELIZA. ELIZA was a simple decision tree question that answers a few questions. Now it is developed into everyday life with messenger apps, voice assistants, and many more. Chatbots are quickly replacing humans for technical support and customer service.


Every business needs a chatbot…

In this blog, I will be talking about the usage of a virtual environment and how it makes your life easier. Python has a unique way of downloading packages or modules on your computer. The third-party packages that we all used to perform the various tasks are typically placed in one directory. This can cause an issue because every project on your computer will use those same directories and retrieve those third-party packages. However, this can cause an issue when different projects need a different version of the package, and python can’t differentiate between the versions in the directory. …

Computer Vision is a field of study that focuses on creating digital systems that computers can process, analyze and gain high-level understanding from digital images or videos by converting them into arrays of matrixes. In this advanced age of technology, computer vision has made self-driving cars, fatal illness detection, and facial recognition possible. In this blog, I wanted to show all the basics of computer vision by demonstrating OpenCV key features.

OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision)

In order to download OpenCV, we need to download the module by using

pip install opencv-python

Load and Display an image

OpenCV makes it…

What is Natural Language Processing or NLP? To explain that first, we as humans are able to read, understand, and gather meaning from languages. However, in order for the machine to performs all those actions, it needs “NLP” for getting the computers to understand the language as we do.

NLP has many applications such as voice-to-text services for people who have a hard time hearing, text-to-voice services that we use in messages every day, chatbots that we hate communicating unless it solves our problem, and translation services.

In order for the machine to perform the magic of NLP, we need…

What is Machine Learning? Machine Learning is the process of letting your machine use the data to learn the relationship between predictor variables and the target variable. It is one of the first steps toward becoming a data scientist.

There are two kinds of Machine Learning: supervised, and unsupervised learning. In supervised learning, there are two types: Regression and Classification. In this blog, I will be focusing on regression models.

What is Data Science? and What do Data Scientists even do? In Simple words, it would be the study of data. Data scientists store, clean, and analyze data. All those methods can help a Data Science extract useful information and gain insight into any type of data.

Learning to become one can be rather tedious and hard. You need both math skills and programming skills to makes sense of any data. So having a background in math and programming from my undergrad in Applied Math helps me to enter into the world of Data scientists.

Tenzin Wangdu

Data Scientist Student at General Assembly

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